Asst Prof Dr Steven A Martin offers the Faculty of International Studies’ 1st FIS Research Seminar at Prince of Songkla University

Asst Prof Dr Steven A Martin offers the Faculty of International Studies’ 1st FIS Research Seminar at Prince of Songkla University

An Introduction to Q and A Sharing in Research – Publication and Resource Strategies for Publishing in International Journals

Writing articles for international journals

On Wednesday October 9th, 2019, the Faculty of International Studies organized a seminar led by Asst Prof Dr Steven Martin aimed at sharing and fostering dialogue and knowledge on how to conduct appropriate research for publication in international journals.

Faculty of International Studies (FIS) Research Seminar at Prince of Songkla University | Click to FIS News Online...

The seminar received broad interest from teachers and staff, and the Faculty of International Studies (FIS) plans to host future workshops on research and publication at the newly opened Research Room 3302, Floor 3, Building 3.

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