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NEWS | Surfing the Eisbach River Wave in downtown Munich, Germany

The Eisbach River Wave (Eisbachwelle) is one of the best and most consistent city-center river surfing spots in the world... Read more...

NEWS | Surfing the Eisbach River Wave | Munich, Germany

Do what you love, love what you do

At 15 years old, arriving in Hawaii for the first time, I was captivated by the Pacific – and the ocean became my life-long teacher. The surfing lifestyle led me to health, nature, and freedom.

Surfing was what I loved to do, and over time I found myself increasingly "Doing what I love, and loving what I do."

These posts share the surfing lifestyle born at the beach which led me to become an ocean lifeguard, a traveling surfer, and an environmental researcher interested in the conservation of beaches and surf sites.

I hope others can benefit from my story.

– Steven 'Surf Doctor' Martin

A new generation of surfers take to the water in Phuket, Thailand