Projects and Programs


Personal Biographics®

University Filmworks®

Study Abroad Journal®

Education Abroad Asia®

Projects and Programs in Brief

  • Personal Biographics develops personal and educational websites for people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • University Filmworks provides experience and opportunity through educational filmmaking.
  • Study Abroad Journal facilitates publication in online international education.
  • Education Abroad Asia offers study abroad programs to students who wish to enjoy the adventure of a South East Asian gap year, semester, or summer study courses.

United States Education Abroad Resource LLC

Education Abroad Resource LLC Programming

I founded The United States Education Abroad Resource LLC in order to share my international education experience with others. The company, registered in Ohio, provides a corporate framework for my three long-standing collaborative projects, namely Personal BiographicsUniversity FilmworksStudy Abroad Journal, and Education Abroad Asia. Each of these projects provide international education information and services:

Personal Biographics (PBG) helps individuals identify and share what is important in their lives. As an interviewer, writer and web designer, I help others discover their story, and help them control which parts of that story they choose to make public online.

University Filmworks (UFW) provides film and video production opportunities to schools, universities and international education organizations, including courses and workshops. We develop cinematic approaches that visually and intelligently communicate information to students and teachers.

Study Abroad Journal (SAJ) is an online information source providing an avenue for students and faculty to share articles and stories. The rationale of the Journal is to encourage international education for social transformation across countries and economies. Our aim is to build goodwill between America and the world through enlightened engagement in global issues among diverse peoples.

Education Abroad Asia (EAA) programs, based at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand, open doors for American students to study, travel and live in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is a great place to develop yourself and create something new for your future, and EAA programs motivate young people through experiential learning.