English Tutoring & Education Consulting

English Tutoring & Education Consulting

“Surf Doctor” Steven Andrew Martin, Asst Prof in Sociology and Anthropology

English Tutor and Consultant for Students of All Ages and Backgrounds

Hello! I’m Steven, a retired professor of Asian Studies in Sociology and Anthropology.

My online English tutor name is “Surf Doctor” because I developed the “Surf Resource Sustainability Index” as part of my PhD in Environmental Management.

I enjoy teaching online. It is an enjoyable and convenient way to communicate with people around the world.

If you would like to connect with me for a lesson or consultation in English, please send a brief message here on my website contact page.


English Tutor and Academic Advisor Intro Video for Professor “Surf Doctor” Steven Andrew Martin

I have some experience with second language learning because I was an international student.

I studies Mandarin in China and Taiwan, Spanish in Costa Rica and Spain, and Afrikaans and Xhosa in South Africa. I can also speak Hawaiian-style English, or “Pidgin English”, the common language spoken throughout the Hawaiian Islands today.


Welcome to my bio-website, produced during my years working as a lecturer and professor in Phuket, Thailand.

As I am recently retired, I hope to continue contributing to international education through online teaching and learning platforms…