Dr. Steven A. Martin and Dr. Raymond J. Ritchie publish new research on Thai Geography for ASEAN and international education in the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography

AUGUST, 2019

Inter-faculty research publication on Thai Geography at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand

Dr. Steven A. Martin, Faculty of International Studies, and co-author Dr. Raymond J. Ritchie, Faculty of Technology and Environment, have published the results of their research on Thai Geography for ASEAN and international education in the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography.

Thai Geography education and research | Karst topography, Phang-nga Bay | Click to enlarge

Martin, S. A., & Ritchie, R. J. (2019). Sourcing Thai geography literature for ASEAN and international educationSingapore Journal of Tropical Geography (in press) doi/abs/10.1111/sjtg.12296

Abstract: This study surveys the available English-language literature and learning resources covering the field of Thai geography, and provides historical review of Thai geography education and an inventory of relevant, accessible materials for ASEAN and international undergraduate students, educators and researchers. We note that the discipline and context of Thai geography has shifted toward new technologies, particularly geographic information systems (GIS), and this has left a void in practical and accessible text for high school and undergraduate students in gaining broad and traditional knowledge of the field. Our study finds that the accessibility of introductory English-language texts on Thai geography is limited, and that existing texts appear mainly in the grey literature or widely dispersed across various disciplines of study. The paper provides a platform to help future researchers and to facilitate future production of English-language textbooks and other study materials in the field of Thai geography.

Figure 1. Relief and hydrological map of Thailand | Produced by Steven A. Martin for the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography | Click to Thai Geography Course Page