Personal Biographics Web Design

Personal Biographics Web Design

Personal Biographics is a website design business specializing in personal and biographical websites

I developed Personal Biographics to help individuals identify and share what is important in their lives.

As an interviewer, writer and web designer, I help others discover their story, and help them control which parts of that story they choose to make public online.

Tell your story as you want it to be told.

Personal Website | Success Story

I built this website for Clarence "Cab" Baber in order to provide him with a platform for his unique professional experience in organic farming in Hawaii.

In a consultation with Cab, I realized that he didn't have an online presence, save for a simple Facebook page. With the help of Personal Biographics, we interviewed Cab and documented his personal story, professional background, and current areas of specialization.

Within days, Cab's business, Big Island Herbs, received new emails and phone calls.

"I specialize in organic farm consultations, and when my personal website came online, I got several large new contracts with just a few weeks. I believe the website provided the right personal background, and companies were more confident to contact me directly."

Personal Biographics Web Design | Organic Farmer Clarence Baber | Click to visit Clarence's personal website

Personal and Professional Web Design

During my career as an ethnographer, environmentalist, and social scientist, I have had the opportunity to conduct personal biographic interviews with people from many different cultures, in many different languages.

As a learning experience, developing personal biographies opened the lives and knowledge of others in a way that was mutually beneficial. I learned from each person and enjoyed documenting their lives, while at the same time, interviewees told me how they welcomed the opportunity to share their stories with me.

One early project involved filming a series of biographical interviews with the last living tribe of head-hunters in the remote mountains of central Taiwan. This later became a fascinating series of films about this incredible group of people and their fast-vanishing lifestyle.

Ethnographic Research in Taiwan

Moving on from that, I visited and interviewed people from many walks of life, including philosophers in China, archeologists in Pakistan, farmers in Ohio, environmentalists in Ecuador, safari organizers in South Africa, and university professors and educators in Cambodia, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

From these and other adventures, I developed biographical research skills that can help others to identify the key themes in the stories of their lives.

Personal Interviews | University Filmworks

Heritage Projects | Documenting Family History

Family Research and Genealogy | Audio Visual Recording | Scanning | Photoshop | Digital Archives

Delores Arnold | Family History

Photo archival | Middletons c.1870

Photo archival | Jessie Middleton c.1875

Photo archival | Arnolds & Grays c.1950

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To learn more about Personal Biographics Web Design, contact Dr. Steven Martin or click on a photograph below.

Education Abroad Asia

Education Abroad Asia


I developed Education Abroad Asia (EAA) programs, based at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand, to open doors for American students to study, travel and live in Asia.

Southeast Asia is a great place to develop yourself and create something new for your future, and EAA programs motivate young people in the art of learning, including research, publication and video production.

Check out Exploring Education Abroad Asia and the Asian Paradigm, to share few words of encouragement regarding studying in Southeast Asia and our international education programs in Phuket, Thailand.

Study in Phuket - Dr Steven Andrew Martin - Education Abroad Asia
Study in Phuket - Steven Andrew Martin - Education Abroad Asia
Study in Phuket - Dr Steven Andrew Martin - Education Abroad Asia
Study in Phuket - Dr Steven Andrew Martin - Education Abroad Asia
Study Abroad Journal

Study Abroad Journal

Study Abroad Journal (SAJ) encourages international education for social transformation across countries and economies. Our mission is to build goodwill between America and the world through enlightened engagement in global issues among diverse peoples.

I developed the Journal to promote and support international studies, educational and cultural exchanges, and all aspects of learning which foster a better understanding of the world and cultivate environmental responsibility.

University Filmworks

University Filmworks

YouTube | University Filmworks Productions | edX MOOC

UFW currently provides film and production opportunities to schools, universities and international education organizations.

Our projects develop cinematic and resourceful approaches that visually and intelligently communicate information to students and teachers.

We offer training and education in filmmaking though courses and workshops.

University Filmworks was made possible by Ed Vaughan (1942-2018), an accomplished Associate Director (CBS News) and Assistant Director, Production Manager, Producer and Director on many popular TV shows and movies.

Please take a moment to remember Ed and visit his personal website, Oceans Above And Below, which he built to share his early years in California and amazing international sailing adventures.