About this Website

About this Website


Why and How

to Build a Personal Website

for Yourself and Others

By Steven A. Martin


I developed the courses and Learning Adventures series for this website to visually support my university presentations and public talks. The text, photos, videos and online resources throughout this website provide an accessible multimedia platform for students to follow and explore on their mobile devices, such as laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones.

International Education Online

This website showcases some of the many photos and videos from my Learning Adventures, and strongly reflects my passion for international education and travel. For students, I have a portfolio of courses that I teach, with links to relevant photo journals. Take a look at my educational talks on Eastern Civilization, featuring travel diaries from the Chinese Silk RoadPakistan, Taiwan and Tibet; or my Environmental Studies course, featuring stories from the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, and current research on sustainable surf tourism.

Experiential Learning

I also developed this website to share my philosophy of experiential learning.

At fifteen, I left the Ohio rust belt, and went to live in a jungle valley by the ocean in Hawaii, where I learned to surf and found freedom. Now, 40 years and 40 countries later, I am a university lecturer with a Ph.D., two MAs, and over 50 published articles, living and working on the amazing resort island of Phuket, Thailand.

Wherever I went, I always took my journal and my camera.

I hope other students will do the same.

What I want to do with this website is to inspire you to leave behind your boring classroom, get out into the surf, into the world, and learn through adventure and travel – as well as from the books and teachers you meet on the way.

Develop Your Own Personal and Educational Website

To learn more about personal website design, or for help in creating your own home page, please contact me or visit PersonalBiographics.com.

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